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The Snippets Exchange

Total Snippets:  304
Total Downloads:  2,198,157
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Top 10 Snippets
List 50 States-Full Name
Rounding table corners
Country Codes Dropdown Menu
Cool Grey Scrollbars
20x3 Scrollable table
24 Hour Military Time
Watermarking Backgrounds
CSS Coloured Scrollbars
Embed Windows Media Player
Close Popup Link

10 Newest Snippets
— 5088 days old
SQL Data Reader
— 5393 days old
Query into Excel
— 5393 days old
Splitting Names
— 5393 days old
Alt Table Rows - better
— 5393 days old
Empty RS
— 5430 days old
Lying File Headers
— 5463 days old
American Date
— 5463 days old
Search array for a value
— 5499 days old
Search Engine Meta Tags
— 5514 days old

Snippets in Dreamweaver!

For those of you unfamiliar with Snippets, you will be amazed! Similar to snippets in other programs, Dreamweaver MX has its very own Snippets panel. These snippets are very similar to ones in other programs but use a different file format, .CSN. Classic snippets use 2 files, .HSS and .HSE.

Classic snippets are same kind of Snippets you have grown to love in programs such as HomeSite, JRun, and Cold Fusion Studio can be used in Dreamweaver and UltraDev using Massimo Foti's Classic Snippets Panel.

If you have classic snippets that you wish to make MX compatible, get the Snippets Converter by Massimo Foti.

About the Snippets Exchange

You've got Dreamweaver MX or the Classic Snippets Panel (version 1.1) by Massimo Foti, both of which come with a bunch of great Snippets to get you started. Now you want more? Well you've come to the right place!

The Snippets Exchange brings to you a wide variety of Snippets for nearly all your needs. Registering allows you to keep track of which Snippets you've downloaded, so you can move from machine to machine, and always make sure you have the right Snippets.

By registering, you will not be subscribing to receive E-mails. The information we collect is never sold. We collect the information only to provide you with a more personal and useful experience. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Registration is required in order to submit a Snippet. Registering gives us the right to contact you if there are problems or concerns regarding submission or updated submission. Please review our Disclaimer & Notice as well as our Legal Notice before attempting to submit your Snippets.

Support Forum

Please direct all Snippets Exchange usability questions to:

Snippets Exchange Support Forum:
URL: news://support.dwfaq.com/snippets



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Much more than the average color picker... Especially helpful for handcoding CSS!

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