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Submitted by : RiderDesign
WebSite: RiderDesign.com
Snippet Date: 12 September 2002
Version: 2
Total Downloads: 8145
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The default browserCaps in the machine.config file, which ship with the Framework SDK, do not accurately reflect the current state of browser technology. The default configuration chooses not to send the style information of the aspnet server controls to non-IE browsers. As a result other browsers don't render pages correctly, beacuse don't ever"see" the styles.
To make Netscape6/7 and Moz display style info add the following code to the root web.config file in your aspnet aspplication. The code needs to be between the <system.web> tags.

The code will detect all Gecko-browsers such as Netscape 6.0/7.0 and Moz but it doesn't save the Gecko-version, but it does work

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