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Dreamweaver 4 and MX Compatibility

Important news and information follows; please be sure to read about these new changes since they are important to the installation and functionality of your Snippets panel(s).

The Snippets Exchange is now compatible with Dreamweaver MX. This means that some changes had to be made our MXP files in order to remain compatible with Massimo Foti's Classic Snippets Panel for Dreamweaver 4. For each snippet, 3 files are installed: .CSN for compatibility with Dreamweaver MX, .HSS and .HSE for compatibility with the Classic Snippets Panel (and other programs that use this format). The location that .HSS and .HSE are installed in is Configuration\Classic Snippets as opposed to Configuration\Snippets. Do not attempt to add .HSS and .HSE files to the Dreamweaver MX Configuration\Snippets directory. Doing so can make the MX Snippets panel inoperable.

The Classic Snippets Panel version 1.1 that is compatible with Dreamweaver MX will be available to customers soon. This version will store snippets in the Configuration\Classic Snippets folder unlike earlier versions that use Configuration\Snippets as the storage directory. If your Classic Snippets Panel is earlier than version 1.1, and you download snippets from this site, you will need to use the panel's import feature and browse to the Classic Snippets folder to import them.

If you have snippets in the Classic Snippets Panel format that you'd like to make available in the Dreamweaver MX Snippets panel, you will need to use Massimo Foti's Snippets Converter.

The file naming convention for MXPs downloaded from our site has changed to help avoid naming conflicts. If you are a registered user, this will not affect your personal download page, but you may notice that we no longer prefix MXP files with S_ but instead prefix with SMX. This will help you distinguish your old snippets from new ones. If you run into problems with a downloaded snippet please contact us at snippetsxsupport@dwfaq.com or on our Snippets Exchange Support Newsgroup (see below). If you have any questions about the changes made to the Snippets Exchange, please visit the Snippets Exchange Support Newsgroup. news://support.dwfaq.com/Snippets

Thank You,
The DWfaq Team



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Snippets Exchange Help

This is where you'll find all the information you need to know, when it comes to the Snippets Exchange. Learn how to optimize your experience on the Snippets Exchange as a registered member. Find out what you need to know to submit a Snippet too. If you don't find your answers here the Snippets Exchange Support Forum is provided for your convenience.

Snippets Exchange Support
URL: news://support.dwfaq.com/snippets

Snippets Exchange Help Topics

Downloading Snippets from the Snippets Exchange
URL: /Snippets/snippetsx_help1.asp

Installing Snippets from the Snippets Exchange
URL: /Snippets/snippetsx_help2.asp#Installing

Managing Snippets from the Snippets Exchange
URL: /Snippets/snippetsx_help2.asp#Managing

Submitting Snippets to the Snippets Exchange
URL: /Snippets/snippetsx_help3.asp#Submitting

Updating Uploaded Snippets
URL: /Snippets/snippetsx_help3.asp#Updating


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