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DWfaq Custom Conditional Region

Was $25, now FREE!

DWfaq Custom Conditional Region makes it faster and easier to get conditional logic into your ASP VBScript pages. Gone are the days for hunting for that elusive End If block that matches the If statement 300 lines farther up the page.

DWfaq Custom Conditional Region

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Version: 1.0.0
Price: FREE!

Not only does DWfaq Custom Conditional Region allow you to quickly wrap conditional logic around your code, it also renders your If... Then... Else... End If code directly in Dreamweaver's design view.

In order to render in design view, DWfaq Custom Conditional Region adds a copy of your If statement after your End If statement, making it easy to match up the appropriate code blocks in design view or code view, so your code becomes more readable and easy to manage. The result of a DWfaq Custom Conditional Region inserted statement may look something like this:

<% If (myValue) = (True) Then 'Start CCR %>
<p>Do something if myValue is True.</p>
<% End If 'End CCR: (myValue) = (True) %>


Was $25, now FREE!

Download of DWfaq Custom Conditional Region allows for a single user license. This means you may install it on as many of your own computers as you like, however it may not be used on multiple computers at the same time. You may use this extension for as many websites as you like. Consult the End User License Agreement for more information.


  • Quickly wrap ASP If statements around your selection
  • Compare against dynamic values listed in Dreamweaver's Dynamic Data dialog
  • If/End If statements are neatly grouped and rendered in Dreamweaver's Design view
  • Use any VBScript operator
  • Choose whether to add an Else block, either before or after your current selection. Your previous choice is remembered for next time!
  • Supports, and renders, complex nested conditional regions
  • Fits with your workflow - Access DWfaq Custom Conditional Region in the DWfaq menu of the Server Behaviors panel, via the ASP category of the Insert bar, or via the Insert> ASP Objects menu


DWfaq Custom Conditional Region is compatible with both Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004 for both Windows and Macintosh. We recommend that you use the latest updates available for your version of Dreamweaver.

Screenshots & Demos

Demo: Using the Custom Conditional Region server behavior (357k, Requires Flash 6 or higher.)
Demo: Using the CCR Insert bar objects (Coming Soon!)

Screenshot: Without DWfaq Custom Conditional Region
Screenshot: With DWfaq Custom Conditional Region

Custom Conditional Region Insert bar Object
Insert a Custom Conditional Region directly from the Insert bar

Server Behaviors Panel
Access the extension from the DWfaq flyout of the Server Behaviors panel

Extension UI
Use Recordsets, variables and functions directly in the extension dialog


Version: 1.0.0
Price: FREE!

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