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Repeating regions- Part Two

The Repeat Region template option

If your Assets panel is still open right click on the "repeatregion" template and select "NEW from Template" to create an instance of the template. If your Assets panel is closed we can use the shortcut F11 to open it.

You should now have the template instance open in your Dreamweaver MX workspace, choose File» Save then name your template instance and select the Save button.

The template instance shown with editable regions marked by their respective tabs

We have four controls, each is self explanatory in appearance but we will run over them to be clear of the functionality each provides.

The Plus Button

Lets start to explore the options by clicking the plus button, lets do that now and see what happens. As you can see from the image below it has added a new row to our table and repeated the content from the editable region within the repeating region. Click save to save our work to date.

Don't forget to save your work!

Now we can change the information in the new table row to suit our needs, Click next to the text in our new table row and holding the mouse button down drag it across the text to highlight it, it should now look like below.

Highlight the content so that you can replace it with the text you will type.

With our text still highlighted we can type our new information into our second repeat region, it should now look like below.

Th modified second instance of the repeat region

All OK so far? it is? Great! Save your page and we'll move on to another control.

The Down Turned Arrow

Lets click inside our first repeat region, the one marked "first in my list". With the cursor safely inside click the down turned arrow, now that's clever! The information in that row has moved down, we can see from this action that we now have the ability to order our content with absolute ease. No more copy 'n' pasting, the whole operation is controlled from within the template, what could be easier?

Use the Up and Down controls to move your repeated regions to the position you desire!

The Up Turned Arrow

I bet you can't guess what this control will do for us....
Lets click inside the row that contains our "First in my list" text which is of course now the second in the list. Click the up turned arrow and just as you expected the list has been reorganised, this time the item has been moved up a row. So we can see that the ability to order the list is not just restrained to going down but we can also move repeating regions upwards.

Place your cursor in a region and then use the up or down arrow to move the entire region!

The Minus Button

Conveniently the minus button allows us to delete any content from anywhere in the list. Lets click inside the "first item in my list" row again, this time we will click the minus button to remove the row from our list. We are now left with only the second row as you can see from the image below, save your page.

Use the minus button to remove instances of a repeated region.

Well that completes the repeating region tutorial, wasn't that hard was it?

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