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JavaScript Assistant

JavaScript Assistant

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Version: 1.0.1
Price: FREE!

The JavaScript Assistant is a toolbar that can be used in any kind of document that you'd use JavaScript. You may also find it handy for ColdFusion, ActionScript, or Java. There's also a JavaScript Assistant submenu found in the Code view right-click (Ctrl+click) context menu.


JavaScript Assistant is a freebie because it is rigid in its design for code formatting. Because you are not given any options for the way the code indents, though it is very typical (some may argue that it is actually proper) in its indenting style, I felt it best to let this be a freebie.


  • 11 Toolbar buttons
  • 11 Context menu entries
  • Smart Cursor: JavaScript Assistant is designed to analyze your selection and place the cursor in the next logical position based on that selection. For example, if you select a single word, then click the function button, the cursor is placed inside the () since you may need to add arguments to the function. If your selection contains multiple words or multiple lines of code, the cursor is put before the () so that you can give the function a name. The same principle applies to the Insert If Statement, Insert Else Statement, and Insert For Loop buttons.

    The Insert Alert, Insert Parens, and Insert Curly Braces buttons place your cursor at the end of your selection. The Insert Comment will place your cursor on the next line after the closing of the comment. It is all about convenience! Indent Code, Outdent Code and Balance Braces work just like the same options found in the Edit menu.
  • Smart Indent: JavaScript Assistant will also indent your code when appropriate when you choose the Insert Function, Insert If Statement, Insert Else Statement, and Insert For Loop. This type of indenting is pretty typical in style and may not suite your personal tastes. Feel free to modify the JavaScriptAssitant.htm file to suite your needs for your own personal use, at your own risk.
  • Requirements

    JavaScript Assistant requires Dreamweaver MX. It may work with newer versions, but has not been tested.

    Screenshots & Demos

    The JavaScript Assistant is a toolbar and context menu in Code view:

    The JavaScript Assistant toolbar and context menu


    Version: 1.0.1
    Price: FREE!

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