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Toggle-O-matic Suite

The Toggle-O-Matic Suite is comprised of 3 useful behaviors: Toggle-O-Matic Class, Toggle-O-Matic Display and Toggle-O-Matic Visibility. Using a combination of Toggle-O-Matic behaviors you can quickly create complex menus, FAQs, image galleries and much more, without being locked into any predefined CSS or code structures. See the Examples section of the Toggle-O-Matic documentation for more examples of what's possible.

Toggle-O-matic Suite

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Version: 1.0.1
Price: FREE!

With all Toggle-O-Matic behaviors, the second time you perform the action (onClick, onMouseOver, etc.) the element returns to its original state. Use them individually, or combined to create DHTML menus, FAQs and other effects. (See the example files provided for ideas for use.)

You may apply the Toggle-O-Matic behaviors to any element in the <body>, including the <body> tag itself. As long as the browser supports the CSS property for the element, Toggle-O-Matic can toggle it!

You can run these behaviors by choosing:
Behaviors > DWfaq > Toggle-O-Matic Class
Behaviors > DWfaq > Toggle-O-Matic Display
Behaviors > DWfaq > Toggle-O-Matic Visibility


Was $45, now FREE!

Download of the Toggle-O-Matic Suite allows for a single user license. This means you may install it on as many of your own computers as you like, however it may not be used on multiple computers at the same time. You may use this extension for as many websites as you like. Consult the End User License Agreement for more information.


  • Toggle-O-Matic Class: This extension allows you to toggle the class of an id'd element between two distinct classes. This is handy for making a navigation item "turn on", or changing the color of a table row as you mouse over it.
  • Toggle-O-Matic Display: This extension toggles the display property of an id'd element between it's default state and block or none. Here's a quick breakdown of how Toggle-O-Matic display changes things based on an element's default state:
    • display: inline: Element is toggled between none and inline
    • display: block: Element is toggled between none and block
    • display: none: Element is toggled between none and the browser's default state for that element, unless the element is a table-row, then the table row is set to block or table-row depending on the browser.
  • Toggle-O-Matic Visibility: This extension toggles the visibility property of an id'd element between hidden and visible or inherit.
  • Endless Possibilities: How you implement Toggle-O-Matic is only limited by your imagination and of course, browser support.
  • Custom CSS: You're not locked into using pre-defined CSS, you get to define the CSS to your coding preferences and naming conventions.

Browser Support

The Toggle-O-Matic javascripts have been tested on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6 PC
  • Internet Explorer 5.2 Mac
  • Netscape 7 Mac/PC
  • Firefox 0.8 Mac/PC
  • Safari 1.2/1.3/2.0 Mac (In Safari Toggle-O-Matic Display and Toggle-O-Matic Visibility require 2 clicks to show an element, unless the element has an inline style to hide it. Safari cannot compute external styles and relies on inline styles. If the element is shown initially, Safari works as expected.)


Toggle-O-Matic Suite is compatible with both Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004. It may work with newer versions, but has not been tested. We recommend that you use the latest updates available for your version of Dreamweaver.

Screenshots & Demos

Behaviors Panel
Toggle-O-Matic Class
Toggle-O-Matic Display
Toggle-O-Matic Visibility

The Toggle-O-Matic Suite is one of those products that you can't really appreciate unless you see it in action. Check out the complete Toggle-O-Matic documentation for examples and instructions.

Sites Using Toggle-O-Matic

Cartweaver (FAQ Section)
Dan's Shorts (blog comments)
DWMommy (blog comments and site navigation)
Semblex Corporation (used with radio buttons to toggle fields)


Version: 1.0.1
Price: FREE!

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