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Strip <?xml?> Tag

Removes the <?xml?> declaration from the top of XHTML documents to ensure that Internet Explorer 6 renders documents correctly. This extension works on all XHTML file types but does not touch the <?xml?> declaration in .xml files.

Strip <?xml?> Tag

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Dreamweaver is always deciding to put the XML declaration back in my documents, and browser testing in IE6 was a pain. No more though. I'll never have to see another XML dec in my documents again.
Daniel Short
Chief Designer
Web Shorts Site Design

Version: 1.6.1
Price: FREE!

Strip <?xml?> Tag is run automatically each time you save a document, so you do nothing! If you ever have a need to remove the <?xml?> tag without saving a document you can run the extension from your Commands menu.


Strip <?xml?> Tag is a free extension developed by DreamweaverFAQ.com's founder Angela C. Buraglia.


  • Automatic Application: You don't need to do anything special after you've installed the Strip <?xml?> Tag extension. Each time the document is saved, it will remove the <?xml?> tag. However, should you ever need to run the command manually, you may do so by choosing Commands > Strip XML Tag.
  • Removes <?xml?> declaration from XHTML pages
  • Removes PHP <?xml?> declaration from PHP documents
  • Does not disturb the <?xml?> declaration in .xml files


Strip <?xml?> Tag requires Dreamweaver MX or MX 2004. It may work with newer versions, but has not been tested.


Version: 1.6.1
Price: FREE!

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