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The Making of a Simple, but Useful Dreamweaver Extension

Creating the GIF file.

Now I'm graphically challenged, so this GIF file is going to be very simple indeed. It will be functional in that it will serve to distinguish our extension from the others in the Objects Panel. I'm just going to create an 25x25 Square with a circle or two in it (Dreamweaver will show it at 18x18 but it's easier for me to work on at 25x25). I'll use Fireworks for the job. It's a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut but there you go.

Here's the result. I used the rectangle tool to fill the background and the ellipse tool to draw the circles. I won't go into it because you can probably do better yourself.

Just copy this graphic and use it if you want. Download it here.(zip file)

Important: Be sure to save your GIF file to the same folder as your HTML file. It must also have the exact same file name. Only the file extension should be different. I've called mine mailto_link.gif and my HTML file is called mailto_link.html.

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