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Creating and Managing Framesets in Dreamweaver

Targeting Links in Framesets

By now we have a completed Frameset. Everything is adjusted the way we want it and now is the time to start adding your content and linking to it.

For the purpose of this tutorial I have added some content to each of the .htm files we have created so far. Of course you will add your own. I have added:

  • Filler content in the "content.htm" that sits in the ContentFrame.
  • Six various text links into the "navigation.htm" that resides in the NavFrame.
  • A simple logo into the "banner.htm" that sits inside of the BannerFrame

No matter which form of navigation you decide to use (text links, images, flash text or buttons) it's all the same when targeting frames.

  1. Select the object you wish to provide the link (we have used text)
  2. In the Property Inspector browse to your file or type in the URL to this page in the Link field.

Once you have done this, the Target field will become active. Accessing the dropdown will display a list of choices of where to open the linked page. This is where you target which Frame should receive this page. Take a look at the example below we have used for our sample pages "News" link.


  • _blank Opens link into a new browser window
  • _parent Opens link into parent frameset of link
  • _self Opens the page into the frame where the link is
  • _top Opens link into the outermost frameset of the current document

The Example

Take a look at the sample page.

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Available Extension(s)

The wide variety of extensions can be found at the Macromedia Exchange by searching the word Frames. The following link will take you directly to those search results.

URL: http://dynamic.macromedia.com/bin/MM/exchange/search_result.jsp?select=Select+a+Category&queryString=Frames

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