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Q. How do I print a listing of the files in my site?

A. Use a combination of a free third-party utility and the following tutorial with included files, to create anything from a simple printout to a detailed graphical depiction of your website.

Site Structure Planning and Mapping- A Starting Point

How This Works

This tutorial will assist you in both planning your site structure and mapping it before, during and after completion. It includes files and procedures so you may create a rudimentary folder/file tree within a few seconds or, if you so desire, create a detailed graphical depiction of your site by using labels to reference pages with a multitude of CSS, Dreamweaver template, external javascript, SSI, library items and CGI program files. Two sets of "templates" are included so that you may print the sitemap in portrait or landscape mode, respectively.

Before you proceed, here is a sample asset/rootfile page to help you determine if this is something you wish to pursue.
Sample Asset map

You are by no means locked into the structure provided with these pages - this is a starting point only. The boxes you see may be relabeled to suit your needs.


The sitemaps you create with this starting point were not designed to be viewed widely on the Web, but rather to be printed. Therefore no attempt was made to make them compatible with non-IE browsers such as Netscape. Don't even think about using NN 4.x. You will need IE5 or higher to avoid problems.

Although this procedure was designed for Win9x, WinME, Win2K and NT users, Mac users should also be able to create the sitemap with one notable caveat: the utility which creates the raw folder/file tree is a Windows program, so you will have to get the file listing by another means. The instructions provided herein are for Windows. Mac users must find the equivalent keystrokes.

This starting point also requires Dreamweaver 4 or UltraDev 4.

The Downloads

  1. Get the free TreePrint PCMag utility here. This utility is now only available by subscription. If you are not a PCMag subscriber, try PrintFolders, an alternate utility which is free as of this writing. Note that you will not have to remove extraneous characters as with TreePrint, and you may even find this utility to be superior. Get it here: http://ftp.pcworld.com/pub/new/utilities/file_management/printfolders.exe
  2. Get the sitemap worksheets, templates and label files here.

Note: If the TreePrint utility is no longer available via the above link, please email the author.

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