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Popup Redirect or Refresh Parent Window - The Parent Window

Break it All Down

If everything went accordingly, then the popup window has closed and redirected the parent window here.

Let's break down how you can do this now. You'll need four pages for this example (don't worry, they're not complicated):

Three parent pages.
A page with a link to open a popup window.
  • index.htm

Two pages you want your user to go to when the popup window is closed.
Only one of these pages will be displayed based on the choice the user makes from the popup window.
  • dreamweaver.htm

  • ultradev.htm

One popup window page.
A page the user sees when the popup window is opened.
  • navigation.htm

Step One: Creating the Parent Page (index.htm)

The parent page, index.htm, will contain a link to open the popup window containing the page navigation.htm.

  1. On the index.htm page, type the text you want to use that will prompt the user to open the popup window.

  2. Highlight the text with your cursor and type: javascript:; in the Property inspector's Link field. This will create a null link so that you can assign a behavior to the text; the behavior in this case is to open a pop up window.

  3. Place your cursor in the middle of your newly created null link.

  4. Open your Behaviors panel: Window» Behaviors
    1. Click the "plus" icon.

    2. Select the "Open Browser Window" behavior.

    3. Browse to and select the page you want displayed in your pop up window: navigation.htm.

    4. Assign the other attributes of the popup window as desired.

    5. Click OK.

Quick Recap

You created the index.htm page with a text link that will open a pop up window (navigation.htm) using the Open Browser Window behavior.

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