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Popup Redirect or Refresh Parent Window - Summary

What You Have Learned

  1. You made a text link open up a pop up window.

  2. The popup window provided your your user with some navigational choices.

  3. When the user selected a link:
    1. The parent window was redirected to the appropriate page.

    2. The popup window automatically closed.

    3. All this with one simple piece of JavaScript code:

      <a href="javascript:;" onclick="opener.location='YourPageHere.htm';self.close()">

And that's it!


The Extension

Remember that present I promised you? Well, here it is... a bonus to make everything you just learned 4 Levels easier!

If you don't want to get your hands dirty by playing in the code, my friend Trent Pastrana of fourlevels.com was kind enough to make a nifty little extension to do all of this and more...

Head on over to Trent's site and look under the Extensions Menu for the "Pop_to_Parent" link at :
URL: http://www.fourlevel.com

Coming Soon

How to make a password protected log-in page with UltraDev using the same principles you learned here.

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